PressTV-Pentagon warns about sharp drop in Iraqi refugees

Military officials are sounding the alarm inside the Trump administration about the sharp drop in admission to the United States of Iraqi refugees who have helped American troops in battle, said two US officials aware of the internal discussions.

The Pentagon is concerned that not providing safe haven to more of the Iraqis, many of whom interpreted and did other key tasks for US forces, will harm national security by dissuading locals from cooperating with the United States in Iraq and other conflict zones, the officials said.

In a closed-door White House meeting last week devoted to the Iraqi issue, officials focused largely on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s method of conducting certain deep background checks on the Iraqis, and identified it as a major source of the drop in admissions, said the two officials aware of the discussions, who declined to be named.

As of August 15, just 48 Iraqis have been admitted to the United States…

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