PressTV-Pentagon to submit Space Force plan to Congress

US President Donald Trump’s plan for the establishment of a Space Force will be submitted to Congress by the Pentagon in February next year, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has said.

On Wednesday, Shanahan said top officials are working on plans which “we can carry forward in a legislative proposal,” a project that would add a sixth branch to America’s massive military and fulfill Trump’s wish to seek US dominance in space.

Shanahan, who has been tasked with leading the project to establish the new military branch, admitted that “we’re really wrestling with the how, of creating a Space Force.”

“Unfortunately sometimes more energy is spent on what are the uniforms going to look like, or the rank structure, than what are the capabilities that we’re going to deliver and how do we go about that,” he said speaking at an Air Force Association conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

“I think for other folks it’s…

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