PressTV-‘Pentagon let $28b in funds expire last year’

The US Department of Defense (DoD) allowed $27.7 billion in funds to expire last year, a new government watchdog report says, boosting calls by Democrats that Pentagon dollars should be trimmed.

The department’s Inspector General (IG) office made the announcement in a 33-page document about fiscal year 2018 released Tuesday.

“If the DoD does not spend its funds within the legal timeframes, the funds expire. In FY 2018, the DoD reported $27.7 billion of expired funds, meaning that, generally, the DoD can no longer use those funds for new spending,” read the report.

Democrats, now in control of the House, have been calling for using the extra money going to Pentagon for domestic priorities.

The Trump administration wants some $750 billion for defense in the budget, a figure reportedly considered too high by the Democrats.

The report, which followed the Pentagon’s first ever audit, was meant at enabling “Congress and the public to…

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