PressTV-One US troop killed in Somalia by al-Shabab militants

A US military member has been killed and four others were wounded after they came under fire in Somalia during an operation against the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab militant group.

Sergeant Alexander Conrad, 26, a US special operations commando, died of injuries from “enemy indirect fire,” the US Defense Department said in a statement Saturday.  

US Africa Command, which oversees US operations on the continent, said the American troops were on a training mission with local Somali and Kenyan forces when the attack occurred.

The US and local troops were part of a mission in the area tasked with clearing al-Shabab militants from contested areas and setting up a permanent combat outpost when they came under attack by mortars and small arms fire, US Africa Command said in a statement.

“The US provided advice, assistance and aerial surveillance during the mission,” it said.

About 500 US troops are deployed in Somalia on a so-called advise and…

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