PressTV-One-third of Trump presidency in vacation

Almost one-third of Donald Trump’s time as president has been spent at his properties including his ongoing 10-day Christmas vacation at his Florida luxury resort.

With Trump comes a host of White House aides, an abundance of Secret Service agents and the ongoing controversy around the president boosting his private businesses by making frequent visits to properties that bear his name.

Although US presidents have always taken trips, Trump’s case is different as it involves places where others can stay if they pay.

According to a Monday Wall Street Journal report, as a businessman who made his fortune in residential and commercial real estate, Trump’s considerations are more complicated because his visits can create the appearance of a conflict of interest in highlighting a Trump property—from which he draws revenue—on a visit paid for by taxpayer dollars.

“George W. Bush went to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, a lot, but it’s…

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