PressTV-Number of murder police in London drops as crime rises

A series of austerity measures imposed by the British government have left police in London with a significant decrease in the number of officers investigating homicides.

The number of police personnel investigating murder cases in London’s Metropolitan Police Service, also known as the Met or Scotland Yard, has shrunk by more than 25 percent in the last decade, data obtained by the Press Association showed.

That reported drop in the number of officers comes as London recorded its highest number of homicides in a decade last year with 128 cases.

Many blame government cuts in the police force as a major reason, saying officers have been forced to save around 850 million pounds over the past decade.

The worst year for staffing was 2017, when the homicide and major crime command (HMCC) had just 590 officers and 168 other staff, making a total strength of 758. The number of major investigation teams also plummeted – from 26 to just 18.


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