PressTV-North Korea says initiated peace talks of its own will

North Korea has rejected claims by the United States that sanctions and other pressure brought Pyongyang to the negotiating table with long-time ally South Korea and Washington itself.

A spokesman for the North’s Foreign Ministry also said on Sunday that recent remarks by US President Donald Trump crediting a US pressure campaign for a diplomatic breakthrough between Pyongyang and Seoul threatened the prospect of peace.

Describing Pyongyang’s recent move to open dialog with the South as a “sign of weakness” would “not be conducive” to talks and may “bring the situation back to square one,” said the spokesperson, whose name was not mentioned in reports.

The spokesperson said such remarks would be “deliberately provoking” North Korea.

Back in January, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed sudden interest in dialog with the South. Soon afterwards, diplomats from the two countries were meeting to prepare for North Korean…

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