PressTV-North Korea condemns new US sanctions as ‘act of war’

North Korea has censured the latest round of sanctions imposed by Washington against Pyongyang as an “act of war,” accusing the US administration of trying to undermine an improvement in inter-Korean relations triggered by the Winter Olympic Games in the South.

The condemnation came on Sunday after the US Treasury blacklisted more than 50 North Korea-linked shipping companies, vessels, and trade businesses, imposing an asset freeze and barring US citizens from dealing with them.

US President Donald Trump described the measures as the “heaviest sanctions ever” levied on Pyongyang.

“The two Koreas have cooperated together and the Olympics was held successfully,” the North’s KCNA news agency cited North Korea’s Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement.

“But the US brought the threat of war to the Korean Peninsula with large-scale new sanctions on the DPRK ahead of the Olympics closing ceremony,” the statement said, using…

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