PressTV-‘No-deal Brexit will break up UK’

A no-deal Brexit will amount to an “existential threat” to the United Kingdom, says the first president of European Council, citing Scotland.

The idea of leaving the EU without a deal is an “operation fear” tactic by the British government, Herman Van Rompuy told the Observer Saturday.

The former Belgian prime minister suggested that Crashing out of the bloc without any deal would have consequences with impacts going beyond Brussels or London.

“The no-deal issue is not just a problem for the UK or Brussels,” he said. “It is also an existential threat to the UK itself. One can imagine that a no deal will have a big impact and cause concern in some of the regions. Speaking of Scotland, it could have consequences for them and others,” he said. “We could end up with a situation in which the EU27 becomes more united and a United Kingdom less united. This talk about a ‘no deal’ is the kind of nationalist rhetoric that belongs…

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