PressTV-No-deal Brexit to hit May, diabetes patients

Chair of the United Kingdom medicines regulator has warned that a no-deal Brexit would make it hard for Prime Minister Theresa May, a diabetes patient, and millions of other like her in Britain to find insulin.

Sir Michael Rawlins said Sunday that insulin shortage would seriously hit the UK if the country leaves the European Union in March with no deal.

Rawlins said that Britain imports “every drop” of insulin, a vital medication used by some 3.7 million people to manage the their diabetes.

“Disruption to the supply chain is one of the ways that patients could be seriously disadvantaged. It could be a reality if we don’t get our act together,” he said, adding, “We can’t suddenly start manufacturing insulin – it’s got to be sorted, no question.”

Rawlins said the government was expected to ensure drugs do not run out if the it fails to secure a deal with Brussels.

The comments come after government authorities said they…

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