PressTV-No deal Brexit ‘far more likely’ if MPs reject May’s deal

British Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has advised Members of Parliament (MPs) against voting down Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the European Union (EU), warning that doing so makes a no-deal exit from the bloc “far more likely.”

“We are preparing for all scenarios,” the Cabinet minister wrote in an article for the Daily Express newspaper on Thursday. “As 2019 begins, we will accelerate our no deal planning further.” 

“There is obviously division in Parliament over the PM’s Brexit deal. It’s not a perfect deal. But it’s the only workable deal that delivers on the democratic choice of the British people. And it’s the best way to avoid no deal,” he wrote of May’s deal.

Faced with severe backlash over a deal that she struck with the EU in November, May delayed the original vote in the Commons in early December to buy herself some time.

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She has warned that if the parliament rejects the deal in the vote,…

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