PressTV-New US missile strategy to spark space arms race: Russia

Moscow says America’s newly unveiled space-based military strategy will unleash a dangerous arms race, urging Washington to settle arms treaty disputes “before it’s too late.”

“The implementation of these ideas will inevitably lead to the start of an arms race in space, which will have the most negative consequences for international security and stability,” read the statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

The statement came a day after United States President Donald Trump unveiled a space missile defense layer that seeks to develop space-based sensors to detect incoming missiles.

The project will also explore other ways to intercept missiles, including space-based weapons, a development Russia describes as confrontational and damaging to international stability.

“We would like to call on the U.S. administration to think again and walk away from this irresponsible attempt to re-launch, on a new and more…

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