PressTV-New acting Pentagon chief calls China top priority

Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan says he will make China his top priority after taking over from General James Mattis, who was recently fired by President Donald Trump.

In a meeting with military service chiefs on Wednesday, Shanahan said he was going to implement the president’s foreign policy, which has been based on countering the growing influence of China and Russia.

“While we are focused on ongoing operations, Acting Secretary Shanahan told the team to remember China, China, China,” an unnamed US military official, who attended the closed-door meeting, told American media.

Despite exchanging congratulatory messages with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, on Tuesday, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the China-US diplomatic relations, Trump has spent most of his time in office exploring ways to pressure Beijing.

Under Trump, the Pentagon has also shifted its focus from so-called anti-terror operations in the Middle…

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