PressTV-‘Nearly all Native American women raped’

Study findings show that 94% of Native American women living in the US city of Seattle have been raped or coerced into sex.

Almost all women among the King County Native population of Seattle have experienced sexual assault, according to a recent report by he Urban Indian Health Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which have decided to finally publish a shocking 2010 study after declining to do so for many years. 

The harrowing accounts were taken from 148 Native American women surveyed in the urban setting of Seattle

Other findings of the report are almost as shocking:

  • 68% of women have experienced street harassment
  • 53% of women were homeless
  • 82% of women were raped before reaching 18 years
  • Only 20% of women had reported their cases to the police

The 2010 study was accidentally rediscovered by Urban Indian Health Institute director Abigail Echo-Hawk in 2016 but was only published recently. According to…

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