PressTV-‘N Korea won’t denuclearize without US concessions’

The US government’s policy of demanding North Korea to completely denuclearize without offering major concessions will likely fail and prompted Pyongyang to accuse Washington of having a “gangster- like” diplomacy, an antiwar activist in San Francisco says.

“Apparently what they’re demanding is a full denuclearzation, giving up its nuclear weapons, which are a deterrent to US attack, before anything else happens,” said Richard Becker, a regional coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition, a protest umbrella group consisting of many antiwar and civil rights organizations.

“Of course the North Koreans are not going to accept that idea,” Becker said Monday in an interview with Press TV.

Many hawkish officials in the administration of US President Donald Trump, including National Security Adviser John Bolton, reject any compromise with North Korea and seek its total decimation, Becker said.

“The whole administration, and particularly…

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