PressTV-More US troops to hit frontlines in Afghanistan

More American troops are gearing up to hit the frontlines in Afghanistan, says General John Nicholson, who commands US forces in the country.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Nicholson said US troops levels in Afghanistan were slated to increase dramatically under President Donald Trump’s new strategy to extend the military campaign that began in 2001.

There are “well over 1,000 advisers out at any given time,” Nicholson said. “Next year, however, this will increase dramatically.”

The general said the new plan required deploying more US advisers in the battlefronts alongside Afghan military forces.

“Those teams [the Army brigade] will be backed up by US combat enablers, not only for the protection of our own force, but for support of Afghans as well,” Nicholson said.

The commander hailed the Trump administration’s new South Asia approach as a “game changer,” saying it had already begun to pay dividends.

Under the new…

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