PressTV-‘Millions of UK adults functionally illiterate’

A major publisher in the United Kingdom has warned that millions in the country are functionally illiterate but the problem is ignored because it is not fashionable to discuss such issues about one of the world’s wealthiest nations.

Dame Gail Rebuck, chair of Penguin Random House, told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday that millions of adults in Britain had problems reading or understanding simple texts.

“But the point is, it’s not fashionable, is it? You can talk about little kids reading,” said Rebuck, adding, “But adults not reading? Or adults in the workplace not having enough literacy to fill in a form, to work on a computer, to be promoted?”

Gail, a publisher known for funding a famous adult reading scheme in 2005, said functional illiteracy was a major problem in the UK although many preferred not to raise awareness about it.

“That’s not something that people like to talk about. But it exists,” she said.


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