PressTV-Media treats Trump fairly: Poll

The majority of voters believe media treats US President Donald Trump fairly despite his incessant complaints about fake news, a new poll shows.

Fifty- four percent of the voters said that the president is portrayed fairly on media, according to the poll released Monday.

Most of the Republican voters, however, thought otherwise, with 80 saying the media is unfair to him.

Meanwhile, 84 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of independents said he does get a fair share from the media and the press.

The voters were also asked to say if the president, for his part, trats media fairly, to which the 59 percent said “No,” including 62 percent of independents.

“At 54/46, the public is divided on whether the media is fair to President Trump, as these numbers mirror his job approval,” said Harvard CAPS-Harris co-director Mark Penn. “But Trump’s unorthodox blasts at the media prompt most to say he is unfair to them.”

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