PressTV-‘May hopes lawmakers will back Brexit plan’

British Prime Minister Theresa May hopes parliamentarians will support her proposal to offer them a say over a Brexit deal, according to her spokesman.

The prime minister cannot accept a competing proposal from Britain’s House of Lords because it would weaken the government’s authority to secure the best possible deal with the EU, the spokesman said on Tuesday, before a showdown in parliament over her plans to leave the European Union.

“We cannot accept the amendment on (a) meaningful vote agreed in the Lords. Agreeing to amendable motions would allow parliament to direct the government on its approach to exiting the EU, binding the prime minister’s hands and making it harder to secure a good deal for the UK,” he told reporters.

May has said that it is essential to ensure that parliament could not block Brexit.

On Sunday, May defended her way of passing the legislation that will pull Britain out of the European Union. On Tuesday,…

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