PressTV-May govt. wants frictionless trade with EU: Rudd

Britain’s Interior Minister says the British government’s main aim is to maintain “frictionless trade” with the European Union, be free to strike trade deals with other nations and avoid a hard border with Ireland.

In an interview with the state-funded BBC, Amber Rudd claimed the UK economy will grow after leaving the European bloc.

Rudd’s claim comes at a time a leaked government report has revealed the UK will be worse off in all possible scenarios after leaving the European Union.

Rudd also maintained that the UK government is more united on Brexit than many say.

“I have a surprise for the Brexiteers, which is that the [government] committee that meets in order to help make these decisions… is more united than they think,” she told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Her remarks are a reaction to increasing tensions in Prime Minister Theresa May’s government around the idea of Britain remaining part of a customs union with the EU….

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