PressTV-Mattis denies he opposed Trump’s space force

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has defended his boss President Donald Trump’s plans to create a Space Force, insisting that he never opposed the idea despite advising Congress against it.

US Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that the Pentagon was going to add a sixth branch to America’s military in order to fulfill Trump’s wish to achieve US dominance in space.

Mattis, who last year asked lawmakers to ditch all attempts to create a separate space service, told reporters on Sunday that he didn’t mean a space force was not necessary.

“I was not against setting up a Space Force,” he told reporters who accompanied him on a flight to Brazil to kick off his debut South America tour in his current position. “What I was against was rushing to do that before we could define the problem.”

This is while Mattis wrote in a letter to Representative Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, last year that adding a separate space force…

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