PressTV-Man who delivered manure to Mnuchin surfaces

A man who claims he is the person who delivered a gift-wrapped package of horse manure to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s home to protest a newly passed Republican sponsored tax bill says he wanted to inspire people to commit more potent acts of political advocacy.

Robert Strong, 45, a psychologist for the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, left the parcel addressed to Mnuchin and Trump in the driveway outside Mnuchin’s home in the posh Bel Air community.

Robert Strong posted this photo to Facebook about 50 minutes before the LAPD reportedly received a complaint Saturday evening about a suspicious package outside US Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin’s house. (Facebook/Robby Strong)

Mnuchin is a pro-Israel millionaire, who formerly worked as a Goldman Sachs Group executive and Hollywood film financier.

“Protest really should be funny,” Strong said.“People’s eyes glaze over when they just see angry people in the…

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