PressTV-Man stabs kids at birthday party in US

A man has stabbed nine people, including six children at a birthday party in the US state of Idaho.

The three-year-old birthday girl was among the victims of the attack at the Boise apartment on Sunday.

The ages of the other five children ranged from four to 12.

Police Chief William Bones said the mass stabbing did not result in any fatalities.

“This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time,” Bones said during a press conference.

 Identified as 30-year-old Timmy Kinner, the stabber had been asked to leave the apartment complex Friday.

“It was kind of scary because we were outside,” said Esrom Habte, 12, who was playing outside as the attack took place. “He was chasing people and stabbing people… We saw him saying bad words and stabbing a grown-up really hard and a lot of times.”

Police found some of the victims inside the…

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