PressTV-Majority of Britons now want UK to remain in EU

Most Britons want their country to remain in the European Union, shows a new poll just days before the Brexit vote in parliament.

As of this month, just over 50 percent prefer to stay in the bloc, according to the exclusive research done for The Independent.

The data from pollsters BMG Research is indicative of the fact that the number of people favoring the remain has been increasing month by month since the summer, breaking past 50 percent in December as the complex realities of Brexit were brought to light.

Also, the poll revealed that almost half of people believe the agreement Prime Minister Theresa May struck with the EU is a “bad deal,” with around as many arguing MPs should not accept it when deciding on Tuesday.

Demonstrators march through London during a People’s Vote anti-Brexit demonstration. (File photo)

In response to the question of whether the UK should “remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European…

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