PressTV-‘Liberal US judges under influence of big oil’

Even the most liberal courts in the United States side with big oil companies, an author and geopolitical analyst says, pointing to a dismissed climate change lawsuit against five oil giants by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Dean Henderson the author of various books including “Big oil & their bankers in the Persian Gulf” said the verdict is a “telling case” of the climate of US politics where a supposedly liberal judge appointed by Bill Clinton dismisses an obvious case of environmental damage by big oil companies.

 “The interesting thing is that all parties in the suite agreed to the science of it, so basically they are admitting they are causing global warming and yet they say we need a bigger venue, this not the appropriate place.”

Henderson said the case is not “surprising” since from the time of [former US President Ronald] Regan, the courts have been stacked with…

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