PressTV-Less than half Republicans back Trump for 2020

Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is leading potential Democratic presidential contenders for the 2020 New Hampshire primary, while most the Republicans say they will not endorse US President Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election, a new poll shows.

The 2016 Democratic contender had 31 percent support in a hypothetical match-up against other potential 2020 challengers, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the poll by University of New Hampshire released Wednesday.

Most the Republican primary voters, meanwhile, said they would not opt for Trump in the 2020 GOP primary, a historically low record, for instance compared to the 64 percent of Democrats who picked former President Barack Obama in the same poll taken in October 2009.

In the poll of likely Democratic voters, Biden, Obama’s former running-mate, took the second place with 24 percent support, while Senator…

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