PressTV-Labour MP gives up whip over anti-Semitism row

The pressure on the leadership of Britain’s Labour Party has increased as a long-serving Member of Parliament (MP) resigns his whip to protest what he sees as surging anti-Semitic sentiments within the party.

Frank Field, a Labour representative of Birkenhead in northwest England since 1979, announced Thursday that he would now sit as an independent Labour MP as he could no longer tolerate the increasing anti-Semitism in his party’s leadership.

Field, 76, announced his resignation in a letter to a Labour lawmaker responsible for coordinating members’ vote with the party’s position.

The veteran lawmaker accused the Labour leadership of “doing nothing substantive” to address claims that the party had become anti-Semite.

“It saddens me to say that we are increasingly seen as a racist party,” said Field in his letter to Labour’s chief whip.

The move comes amid a deepening row within the Labour about the party’s refusal to…

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