PressTV-Johnson undermines Pompeo’s ‘jumbo’ Iran deal

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has questioned the practicality of the tough conditions set by the US for a new “jumbo” Iran deal after the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the multi-national Iran nuclear deal.

Johnson made the statement among journalists in Buenos Aires on the sidelines of the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday.

He was reacting to a 12-point list of demands formulated by his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo, earlier in the day.

Johnson (pictured above) referred to anti-Iran allegations by some Western countries, suggesting that they could not be incorporated into one single agreement.

“The prospect of a new jumbo Iran treaty is going to be very, very difficult,” Johnson said, according to the Guardian. “I think if you try now to fold all those issues – the ballistic missiles, Iran’s misbehavior, Iran’s disruptive activity in the region and the nuclear question — if you try to fold all…

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