PressTV-Israel follows US in grounding F-35 fighters after crash

Israel says it has grounded all of its F-35 stealth fighter jets after the aircraft’s engine fuel tubes were suspected to be the cause of a September crash in the US in which the jet was completely destroyed.

The Israeli military’s spokesperson announced on Thursday that the decision had been made as an “extra precaution” as the regime does not have the model that crashed in the US.

The spokesperson said all the planes in the Israeli fleet will be tested even though no failure has been reported. “The test will take several days. After all checks are complete, the planes will return to full operation.”

The announcement came shortly after a similar decision by the US Defense Department, which said it had grounded its entire fleet of F-35 joint strike fighters.

“The US Services and international partners have temporarily suspended F-35 flight operations while the enterprise conducts a fleet-wide inspection of a fuel tube…

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