PressTV-Irish party piles pressure on May over Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced more pressure over her controversial Brexit deal on Tuesday after the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland failed to vote by abstaining on the government’s budget votes.

The parliamentary move, which came on Monday, has widely been interpreted as a warning shot to Downing Street with the DUP having previously indicating support for May’s budget measure and financial bill.

May almost failed to secure a majority at the last general election, and was only saved by the 10 DUP MPs who agreed to vote for May’s government in return for concessions and support from May’s cabinet.

The DUP and its leader Arlene Foster have previously suggested that her party would vote down May’s Brexit plan, which she managed to secure last week after two years of negotiations with the European Union.

The DUP argues that May’s plan of the so-called backstop, which could create a hard border in the…

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