PressTV-Irish border cannot block Brexit deal: UK PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed confidence that her government and the European Union will reach an agreement on United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the bloc, saying disagreements on how the border on the Island of Ireland will be administered after Brexit was not an issue that could not derail the talks.

May told a rowdy session of the British parliament on Monday that the Irish border issue was not as big a hurdle to a Brexit deal as it has been thought by the people and the media, saying her government was upbeat it can reach an agreement with the EU before official Brexit date on March 29, 2019.

“We cannot let this disagreement derail the prospects of a good deal and leave us with a ‘no-deal’ outcome that no-one wants,” said May, adding, “It is frustrating that almost all the remaining points of disagreement are focused on how we manage a scenario which both sides hope should never come to pass and which, if it…

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