PressTV-Iraq ‘will never allow US bases on its soil’

Iraq says it will under no circumstances permit the United States to build permanent military bases on its soil, which would be a violation of its sovereignty.

“Baghdad firmly rejects the construction of US military bases on its soil,” said Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari at the end of an extended visit to Russia on Friday.

Iraq will “not stand on ceremony” when it comes to the protection of its sovereignty, he said.

He said that, back in 2014, when Baghdad asked for international help in fighting the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh, it said the potential contribution had to meet the requirements of Iraq’s sovereignty and independence.

Jaafari said Baghdad had made the matter clear that contributions to its counter-terrorism operations should not lead to the establishment of military bases or permanent foreign military presence in its territory.

“Iraq’s sovereignty is our red line,” the Iraqi foreign minister…

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