PressTV-‘Iranians can hold US aircraft carrier hostage’

American writer and journalist E. Michael Jones says the aircraft carrier is the obsolete form of military technology and the “Iranians can hold the US carrier hostage if they want to.”

On Monday America announced that the US Navy was sending one of its aircraft carriers into the Persian Gulf as a “show of force.”

The USS John C. Stennis and its accompanying ships, which are currently moving through the Indian Ocean, will arrive in the Persian Gulf by the end of this week, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing unnamed military officials.

If true, this will be the first time in eight months that the US steps up its military presence in the region to such levels, the officials said. That’s the longest period Washington has gone without an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf in the past two decades. The naval deployment is a direct response to Iran’s influence in the region, the officials noted.

“What we are really…

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