PressTV-Iran can do whatever it wants in Syria: Trump

US President Donald Trump says Iranians can “do whatever they want” in Syria, dodging a question about when the US would withdraw from the war ravaged country.

“Iran is pulling people out of Syria, but they can frankly do whatever they want there,” the US president said.

Asked about the timeline of the US withdrawal from Syria, he refused to give a direct answer.

“I don’t know, somebody said four months but I didn’t say that either,” Trump said. “We want to protect the Kurds but I don’t want to be in Syria forever. It’s sand and it’s death.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly asked Trump to prolong the withdrawal process to four months.

“We don’t want Syria. Obama gave up Syria years ago when he didn’t violate the red line. I did when I shot 59 missiles but that was a long time later. And when President Obama decided not to violate his statement that never cross the red line and then they did and he…

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