PressTV-In diplomacy involving US, North Korea is in control

By Hossein Jelveh


Since ancient times, political leaders have rarely if ever relied on chance to advance their peoples’ interests or push back against those of their adversaries. When the fate of human beings is at stake — as often is in global diplomacy (often the alternative to war) — careful planning and calculation are the tools of trade. For the administration that has ruled the United States since January 2017, though, chance may be all it has.

There are many — just many — examples to prove that, but nowhere else is the dysfunctional Trump White House’s reliance on chance better showcased than in its recent attempts to reach out to North Korea.

Consider US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s second trip to Pyongyang. On May 9, he flew unannounced into the territory of one of America’s main putative adversaries to pick up three US nationals imprisoned there.

The trip wasn’t just unannounced; except for the fact that it…

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