PressTV-Impeach Trump or no 2020 support: US billionaire

An American billionaire hedge fund manager is calling for impeachment of US President Donald Trump, warning he would not support anyone not backing his current efforts in 2020.

Tom Steyer has already gathered an active grassroots army of seven million supporters and plans to spend $40 million in 2019 on the impeachment effort, Politico reported Monday.

“In Washington, DC, talking to pundits and congress people — it’s super lonely,” Steyer was cited as saying on Sunday during a visit to the District for a summit of his Need to Impeach organization. “Oh, God, inside the Beltway everybody thinks I’m a low-double-digit IQ.”

‘President above law’

The majority of top Democrats, including Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand, have recently shifted from impeachment efforts and are instead drawing attention to special counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called Russia investigation.

“What I wish to be the…

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