PressTV-I never leaked materials in office: Ex-FBI director

Former FBI Director has rejected US President Donald Trump’s characterization of him as a “liar” and a “leaker,” saying he never leaked classified materials while he was in office. 

“I never leaked in office,” James Comey told Axios in an interview on Monday. “Nothing is coming from the people who know what they’re talking about,” he added. 

The US president has previously branded Comey as a “liar” and “leaker,” claiming that the ex-FBI director shared classified information and his leaks led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller, a former FBI director, has been running a high-profile investigation into allegations that Trump won the 2016 US presidential election against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton only because Moscow had rigged the November election in his favor.

On Thursday, Comey denied leaking classified information improperly when he shared memos documenting his meetings with Trump and a friend…

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