PressTV-Huge protests to greet Trump as he arrives in Britain

US President Donald Trump has arrived in Britain for a four-day visit during which he will meet UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth ll, but will avoid the capital where massive protests are planned against his policies.

Trump’s plane landed Thursday at Stansted airport, in Essex, arriving from Brussels, where he had spent two days at the NATO summit.

The US president is due to remain in the UK until Sunday evening, when he will head to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump will largely avoid London and other major cities that could host significant protests. He will instead be kept mainly insulated from the public at various country estates or palaces.

The planned nationwide demonstrations against Trump have been launched by a collection of different organizations protesting everything the populist leader stands for including sexism, racism and Islamophobia.


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