PressTV-GOP tax bill ‘victory for corporations’

As the US House of Representatives passes the final version of the GOP’s bill to overhaul the tax code, Democratic lawmaker Bernie Sanders calls it a victory for the rich.

“Today marks a great day for the Koch brothers and other billionaire, Republican campaign contributors who will see huge tax breaks for themselves while driving up the deficit by almost $1.5 trillion,” the former presidential candidate said in a video posted on Twitter.

The Vermont senator further suggested that the Republicans would not manage to offset the up to $1.5 trillion deficit they have created, predicting that they would end up hitting millions of middle-class households.

Therefore, Sanders called on US President Donald Trump to stick to the promises he had made about preserving the Social Security, the Medicare and the Medicaid.

“Today is also a victory for the largest and most-profitable corporations in this country like Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, and…

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