PressTV-Google helping US military’s drone raids

American technology giant Google has allowed the US Department of Defense to utilize its artificial intelligence products in drone projects, stirring concern among experts who think such cooperation is not ethical.

The US military has long been using drones to carry out targeted killings and surveillance around the world.

It has been revealed now that the Pentagon is using Google’s TensorFlow AI systems in Project Maven, which was established in July 2017 to analyze data and video footage.

The data will then be used to conduct more precise attacks by drones against targets in other countries, including Syria and Iraq.

Maven is one of the many US drone projects aimed at automatically and quickly singling out points of interest so that analysts can work more efficiently in pinpointing new targets.

The Pentagon has so far spent $7.4 billion spent on AI and data processing. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools has…

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