PressTV-General says British army ’20 years out of date’

A retired British military chief has warned that his country’s army is “20 years out of date” due to defense cuts and falling behind other comparative nations in the face of terror threats.

General Sir Richard Barrons, former head of Joint Forces Command, made the remarks before the House of Commons defense committee on Tuesday as part of a government review of national security capabilities and defense budget.

Speaking alongside counterparts from the navy and air force, Barrons warned MPs that a lack of money and policy of denial had left the British army “not fit for purpose,” and at risk of “institutional failure.”

“All three armed forces are falling behind the rate of innovation you see in our peers,” he told the committee. “The people who are in defense, they have to keep going every day so they are never going to say publicly, or to themselves, or to their enemies, or to their allies, that we’re broken.”

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