PressTV-Fresh from one fight at ICJ, Iran takes on US in another

Iran is facing off with the United States of America at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in a case over the US freezing of Iranian assets, shortly after Tehran beat Washington at the same court in a different case.

Court hearings started Monday with “Preliminary Objections” by the US, which seeks to argue that the ICJ does not have the jurisdiction to take up the case, according to the court’s schedule.

Iran filed a complaint with the ICJ — the principal judicial organ of the United Nations — on June 14, 2016 over the freezing of billions of dollars in its assets either inside or outside of America under US court rulings.

The latest instance of such rulings occurred on April 20, 2016, when the US Supreme Court upheld an earlier verdict by a lower district court to turn over approximately 1.75 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets to victims of “terrorism.”

The Iranian complaint invoked the “Treaty of Amity,” signed between…

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