PressTV-Fox News ‘abetting a cover up’ on Russia probe

American basic cable and satellite television news channel Fox News is “abetting a cover up” in the White House over a probe into US President Donald Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, says a senior American reporter.

Legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein (pictured below) said on Sunday that the Trump administration is engaged in a “cover-up” linked to the investigation run by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It abets a cover-up because there is a cover-up going on in the White House and among Trump’s aides and former aides relating to these investigations,” Bernstein said.

He further accused the conservative hosts of not being “open in any way to the best obtainable version of the truth,” adding that they “seem to be oblivious to the serial lying of the president of the United States.”

They, instead, make everyone else such as Mueller “the issue except the president of the United States.”


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