PressTV-Fix Irish border or face hard Brexit: EU lawmakers warn UK

The British government has so far failed to offer a “workable” backstop plan to avoid Brexit border frictions in Ireland and must do so now if the European Parliament is to endorse a smooth transition out of the bloc, EU lawmakers warned on Saturday.

After briefings by EU negotiators and reviewing British statements, the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group made clear that Prime Minister Theresa May’s White Paper this month setting out how future EU-UK trade relations would avert customs and other disruptions on the divided island was not acceptable.

The statement came a day after chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier told visiting British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab that a key element of the plan involving Britain collecting customs duty for the EU must be changed and repeated scepticism about May’s efforts to extend to the British mainland special customs arrangements which the EU is willing to offer Northern…

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