PressTV-Fired FBI agent slams ‘unhinged attacks’ by Trump

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has condemned the “extended humiliation” and “unhinged public attacks” he has endured from US President Donald Trump and his administration.

McCabe, who was fired just before his retirement this month, told the The Washington Post  on Friday that he found out about his sacking third-hand from a friend who called to tell him about a news report. He had later received an email from the Justice Department.

“After two decades of public service, I found out that I had been fired in the most disembodied, impersonal way,” he said.

According to the Justice Department, McCabe, who was the FBI’s deputy under former director James Comey, was fired at the recommendation of an internal FBI office that deals with disciplinary matters.

Critics slammed the ouster as a “dangerous” ploy to discredit the nation’s top law enforcement agency as well as the work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, an independent…

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