PressTV-FBI, DOJ officials ‘out to lunch’: Trump

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) for being “out to lunch”.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Trump slammed FBI and DOJ officials for being “completely out to lunch” when it came to fighting corruption.

His tweets evolved around a report by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrants for surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide.

Trump quoted from a Friday night appearance on Fox’s Hannity program by President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, who was discussing wiretap warrants on a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, Carter Page. 

” ‘It is astonishing that the FISA courts couldn’t hold hearings on Spy Warrants targeting Donald Trump. It isn’t about Carter Page, it’s about the Trump Campaign. You’ve got corruption at the DOJ & FBI,’ ” Trump…

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