PressTV-‘Failure of Trump-Kim talks will lead to consternation’

The failure of the upcoming summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is bound to cause “consternation” on the world stage given the people Trump has surrounded himself with, says an American analyst.

“So many fear that if the negotiations with Kim do fail, Trump’s reaction is immediate war,” Myles Hoenig, a political expert in Baltimore, told Press TV on Sunday.

“Now that he has removed all the adults from his foreign policy team, having psychopaths like [National Security Adviser John] Bolton and [UN envoy Nikki] Haley will cause great consternation on the world stage,” Hoenig said.

The social rights activist made the remarks in reaction to warnings by some experts about the possible failure of the June 12 meeting in Singapore.

Alison Evans, deputy head of Asia Pacific country risk at IHS Markit, told NBC News on Saturday that a failure was likely to revive higher levels of hostility between…

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