PressTV-Ex-UK FM Johnson draws ire with burqa comments

The chairman of Britain’s governing Conservative Party told former UK foreign minister Boris Johnson to say sorry for Islamophobic comments he made about Muslim women wearing the burqa.

Brandon Lewis said Tuesday that Johnson, who resigned as UK’s top diplomat last month, should apologize for describing women wearing burqa as “letter boxes” and “bank robbers.”

Lewis said it was right to condemn Johnson’s comments as “offensive,” as proposed by Alistair Burt, a senior Tory politician.

Burt said earlier Tuesday that Johnson had offended the Muslim community by his designation of women wearing burqa.

“I would never have made such a comment, I think there is a degree of offence in that, absolutely right,” said Burt, who once worker under Johnson as a minister in the Foreign Office.

The call for Johnson’s apology came after huge criticism about his article in the Daily Telegraph a day earlier.

Labour Party lawmaker David…

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