PressTV-Ex-CIA contractor pleads guilty to data-theft

The US Justice Department has announced the conviction of a former CIA contractor who pleaded guilty for theft of classified information amid growing cases of government contractors accused of stealing secrets from spy agencies.

According to US prosecutors, Reynaldo B. Regis – who was assigned to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from August 2006 to November 2016 — “spent a decade conducting unauthorized searches in classified CIA databases, then copying secret information into personal notebooks that he took home,” Politico reported Friday.

Citing court documents, the report adds that the 53-year-old Regis lied about his actions when confronted by investigators about the alleged theft but a subsequent search of his home uncovered “approximately 60 notebooks filled with classified information.”

The government, however, did not elaborate about the contractor’s motivation for transferring the confidential information out of the…

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