PressTV-Evacuees rescue valuables from Hawaii volcano lava

Hawaiians forced to flee repeated eruptions of the Kilauea volcano, which has already destroyed 26 homes as it spews rivers of lava and fountains of toxic gases into residential areas, were allowed to make a quick visits home on Sunday to rescue pets, medication and other essentials.

More lava fissures and vents opened overnight in the Leilani Estates area, where lava leapt up to 230 feet (70 meters) into the air but no new explosions were reported on Sunday from Kilauea, the state’s most active volcano.

So far no fatalities or major injuries have been reported from the volcano, which began erupting on Thursday but at least 26 homes have been destroyed, according to the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

“As a realtor, I can tell you that people move here thinking it’s paradise, and what they learn is that it’s something different,” said Jessica Gauthier, 47, who sells properties and manages vacation rentals on the Big…

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